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Wrapping It Up for the Holidays

Pine Valley Apartments Blog, Elkton, MD  The holidays are coming and it's time to get things all wrapped up. Today we have tips for wrapping gifts!

Some people are ultra-organized, and their gifts for the holidays are already wrapped, neatly labeled, and set aside awaiting distribution at their holiday party. But if you’re not that person, we’re here to help. In today’s blog post we’ve got tips for wrapping gifts. Follow these guidelines and in no time you will be delightfully observing a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts in the closet of your Pine Valley apartment!


Get Organized

Getting organized is a great way to save time and money when it comes to wrapping gifts. The first step is to gather everything you need together in one place. Find a container, such as a cardboard box, a plastic bin, or even a brown paper grocery store bag, and stock it with your supplies: tape, scissors, ribbon, bows, markers, gift bags, gift tags, and of course a selection of tissue paper and wrapping paper.


Head over to a local Elkton, MD dollar store to stock up on tape and paper. You can also look into purchasing your wrapping paper online through a site like Paper Mart.


Set Up a Wrapping Station

Wrapping gifts is done most efficiently on a wide, flat surface such as a counter or table; even the floor can work. If you can leave a folding table set up, that can be a good option when you are going to be wrapping gifts over several evenings or the weekend.


Measure, Cut, and Wrap  

When it comes to wrapping paper, less is more. Measure the paper so that it is just big enough to wrap your gift. Extra paper gets in the way, adds bulk, and creates a messy looking wrapping job. Use boxes whenever possible! It is so much easier to wrap uniformly sized boxes than odd, squishy shapes. They look nicer, too, as they’re stacked up ready for delivery. You don’t want your gift to look like someone tried really hard to make it look good and failed, so take the time to do a good job of wrapping, and don’t skimp on the tape.


It’s in the Bag

Gift bags come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs. They are an easy way to package a gift. Using gift bags comes with a level of trust — as in, you trust the recipient to not peek! — but just in case, staple the bag closed.


Pop in your favorite holiday playlist or start a holiday movie, and in no time you will have this task completed! Or, call a friend to come help you out and cut the work in half! Thanks for reading today’s post! We want to wish everyone in our apartment community happy holidays!