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Winter Workout Tips

woman and man running on a treadmill in the gym

Baby, it’s cold outside. We’re so excited for winter to be here in Elkton, MD, but with the cold weather comes its share of difficulties. When you can’t get outside of your apartment, it can be hard to maintain your exercise habits, so why go outside at all? Here at your Pine Valley apartment, we have a 24-hour fitness center ready and waiting for you to use it. However, sometimes just getting to the gym won’t cut it in the winter. That’s why we have listed here some important tips to maintain your peak condition this December.

Watch what you eat.

When the weather gets colder, your body biologically starts craving more carb-heavy foods. There’s nothing wrong with that. Your body just wants to help you stay a little warmer and have a little more energy. But as you know, too many carbs can demolish your workouts. The solution to this common problem is just to make sure you have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs lying around. If you don’t, it will be far too easy to fall back into unhealthy diet habits.

Get to bed earlier.

Shorter days and longer nights bring later mornings. Since the sun doesn’t rise until later in the day, the darkness in the morning can make it hard to get up for your morning workout. The darkness in the morning triggers your brain to release the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin, so it’s not you just being more tired, don’t worry. However, you can solve this by going to bed a little earlier. If you are able to get that extra sleep, it will make that early awakening a little easier for you.

Come up with fun ways to exercise.

In the winter, everything seems like it takes a little more effort, and that’s likely because it does. A lot of your everyday activities will burn a good amount of calories. For example, did you know that building a fire burns 80 calories? Or that shoveling snow burns 192 calories? Plus, some fun things are great exercises as well. A snowball fight burns 96, ice skating burns 176, and skiing burns 192. There are so many fun ways to still get a workout while still having fun!

Are you feeling better about your workout routines? Go check out our 24-hour fitness center and take full advantage of it this winter. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog this month!