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Valentine's Day in Elkton

Pine Valley Apartments Blog, Elkton, MD  This week we are featuring a few fun ways to celebrate your Valentine's day from flowers to chocolates!

This week, the Pine Valley Apartments Blog is featuring a few fun ways to celebrate your Valentine’s day. Head out of the house for tea, flowers, chocolates, and a nice dinner out at your favorite Elkton, MD area restaurant. Make your own Valentine’s day cards for friends and coworkers, and find a few fun people to celebrate with. Valentine’s day is a great time to reach out to people you care about or haven’t seen in awhile.


Go out for tea

Make a reservation at a local tea room here in Elkton, MD for Valentine’s day. Celebrate Valentine’s day with an elegant evening snacking on delicious pastries and trying new tea blends. Yelp recommends the British Bell Tea Room, and check out the other suggestions on Yelp too.


Buy flowers

Show someone you care by buying flowers from a local Elkton area florist. Buy an arrangement of their favorite flowers, a dozen red roses, or a bouquet that matches the color scheme of your Pine Valley apartment.



Elkton has plenty of chocolate shops for locals to enjoy on Valentine’s day. Place an order at your favorite chocolate shop for your February 14th goodies. You can find lists of the best chocolate shops in the Elkton area here.



Eating out is always a good way to spend Valentine’s Day. Try one of these restaurants for dinner out on the 14th — or anytime this month: Fine Dining in the Elkton, MD area.


Make your own cards

Make personalized cards for your friends this Valentine’s day. Martha Stewart has some great DIY card ideas. We especially like the pop-up cards, the block print valentines, and the hand-shaped valentines. Scroll through the ideas to see which ones you love!


We hope that you have a very happy Valentine’s day. Thanks for reading our post!