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Tasty Popsicle Recipes to Cool Down with This Summer

Multicolored Popsicles

The weather is can get rather warm in Elkton, MD! To cool down, Pine Valley Apartments Blog has compiled some of our favorite popsicle recipes you can make in your apartment. Not only are popsicles addicting, but they’re generally affordable. From peaches n’ cream to pumpkin pie, one of these recipes is sure to catch your eye and cool your tongue — without breaking the bank!


Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Popsicles

These cheesecake popsicles are sure to be a hit in your kitchen. With only six ingredients, this cool summer treat is one that looks great and tastes even better. Who said that popsicles have to be fruity to be delicious? Well, they don’t!


Key Lime Pie Popsicles

This recipe is fairly simple. All you need is Greek-style yogurt, key lime syrup (which is easy to make, as explained in the recipe), vanilla extract, and graham crackers. The result is beautiful and delicious.


Green Juice Popsicles

These are the healthiest popsicles on our list, but they still taste amazing! All you’ll need is a blender to mix the fruits, vegetables, and juice. The rest is simple. This is a great healthy snack for kids, especially if you’re having a difficult time coaxing them to eat their vegetables.


Peaches n’ Cream with Basil and Honey

With ripe peaches, cream, yogurt, honey, and fresh basil, there’s a lot to love about this recipe. The honey and basil work surprisingly well together in this healthy concoction we’re happy to call one of our favorite summertime snacks.


Rainbow Whole-Fruit Popsicles

Choose from mango and orange, sparkling pineapple and ginger, honeydew lime and mint, and about a handful of other fun flavors in this fun recipe.


Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie Pops

While it’s a little early for pumpkin season to hit us, we’re not regretting our having stumbled upon this delicious gem that is a recipe for keeping. Made with pumpkin puree, heavy cream, caramel sauce, and a bunch of other ingredients, these popsicles are nothing short of a delight.


What are your favorite popsicles to make in your apartment? Share your finds in the comments. Thanks for reading our post today!