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Summer Guests at Your Pine Valley Apartment


Pine Valley Apartments Blog, Elkton, MD   Hosting summer guests at your apartment needn't cause stress. Follow these tips to have a pleasant experience!

Sometime this summer you’ll probably host overnight guests in your Pine Valley apartment here in Elkton, MD. Today, we have some tips to help you with making it a pleasant experience for both you and your guests. From meals to beds, we’ve got you covered.


Welcome Basket

Put together a welcome basket for your guest. Include things like a card with your guest wifi password printed on it, snacks, trial size shampoo and conditioner, soap, a flashlight, local public transit information, coupons for local restaurants, etc. And add a copy of house rules, it’s a great way to avoid awkward conversations.


Comfortable Bed

Provide the most comfortable bed you can. If you have a guest room, perfect. Make sure the linens are clean and fresh. Add a warm throw to the bottom of the bed in case your guest gets chilly. If you don’t have a guest room, a cot, an air mattress, a futon bed, or even a foam pad will work too. (If your guests are a bit older, as a courtesy, you may want to offer your own bed, while you take the air mattress.)



Clear out some space for your guest to use for their things. A shelf, a drawer, a cubby, or even a suitcase rack like they have in hotel rooms will work. Also, provide a few hangers and a place to hang clothes up. An over-the-door hook makes a good place to hang a few items of clothing. Be sure to provide a set of clean towels for your guests to use too.



If your guests are planning on doing their own thing for meals, offer kitchen space for cooking. Also stock up on basics for lunch and breakfast, in case cooking plans fall through. An assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, fresh fruits, and vegetables can provide the basis for lunch. Adding yogurt, muffins, bagels, cream cheese, and hard-boiled eggs for on-the-go options is a good idea, too.


Suggest a few of your favorite local home-grown restaurants for your guests to try. (National chains may be good, but they can eat there at home.) Taking your guests out to eat is fun. If budget is a concern, take them out for breakfast or lunch instead of dinner as a less expensive alternative.


We hope you enjoy the summer. Share any additional ideas you may have for summer hosting in the comments below. Thanks for reading today’s Pine Valley Apartments post.